What is deep house cleaning?

A lot of people have been making enquiries about deep house cleaning and what it entails. In house cleaning, regular house cleaning is very different to deep house cleaning. On a day to day basis, we clean but do not really clean top to bottom. As we live busy lives trying to look for our families and loved ones how often do we lift sofas to clean under, clean our ovens, clean grease,, grime and dust that tends to build up in our homes? Ultraplus Cleaning Service has compiled a cleaning checklist manual for deep cleaning of each room in a home.

House Deep Cleaning Manual Kitchen


  • Dust ceilings and lights and on top of cupboards
  • Clean kitchen cupboards outside
  • Clean kettle, toaster and microwave
  • Wipe dishwasher and fridge outside and top of the fridge
  • Clean windows inside and windowsill
  • Clean Skirting boards
  • Clean radiators
  • Wipe doors, door handles and plugs
  • Empty dustbin, clean it and put new bin bag
  • Mop the floors

Hallway and Staircase

  • Dust ceiling, ceiling corners and lights
  • Dust wall hangings if they are not loose
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Clean doors, door handles and plugs
  • Clean Skirting boards
  • Dust stair banisters
  • Clean radiators
  • Clean windows inside and windowsill
  • Mop floors


  • Dust lights, ceilings, airvents and cabinets
  • Clean windows inside and windowsills
  • Clean showers and bath
  • Clean doors, door handles and plugs
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean radiators
  • Clean Skirting boards
  • Wash wall tiles
  • Clean sink and stopper
  • Mop the floors


  • Dust ceiling, lampshades and pictures if not loose
  • Clean bedside tables and Chest of drawers
  • Clean wardrobes outside
  • Clean radiators
  • Wipe/Dust bed
  • Clean window inside and windowsill
  • Hoover the rooms
  • Clean the doors, handles and plugs
  • Polish the furniture

Living room

  • Dust ceiling and lights, wall paintings
  • Dust fireplace and furniture
  • Clean windows/sliding door and window sills
  • Clean Skirting boards
  • Clean doors, door handles and plugs
  • Hoover room
  • Wipe radiators
  • Wipe and polish furniture and couches
  • Clean mirrors if any

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