5 ways to use flat head microfibre mop in deep house cleaning and regular house cleaning

As a cleaning service that provides deep cleaning and regular house cleaning service to houses in Co. Laois we are constantly looking for ways to do our work effectively. We have found the flat head microfibre mop to be very useful tool in cleaning and this is how we use it:

1. Dusting – In house cleaning the basic rule is to start at the top when cleaning any room. Use the mop to dust the ceilings and ceiling corners to remove cobwebs. For example if you are cleaning the kitchen, use the mop to dust on top of the kitchen cabinets, the top of the doors, the fridge , microwave, kitchen lights and behind the radiators. .

2. Sweeping- You can use the dry microfibre flat mop to sweep clean your floors. We prefer using this method instead of using regular sweeping broom as it moves most of the dirt from tiles and wood floors.

3. Mopping floors- Use the mop wet to clean the floors during your deep clean or regular house clean. You can spot clean using a spray to the floors and wipe with the mop.

4. Cleaning Bathrooms- Use the wet mop to clean bathroom walls, the bath and shower doors.

5. Cleaning inside and outside windows – Use a wet mop first to clean windows followed by a dry mop to give a cleaner shine. This mop helps to clean hard to reach areas you would not able able to do on the outside window.

Our tips– If your mop handle breaks replace with broom handle. Buy enough replacement mop heads and wash them separately.